Political Risks

Our company focuses on risk mitigation while doing business in unpredictable emerging markets through strategic structuring of insurance products. Business risk is constantly growing due to inefficient legal systems, inadequacy of hard currency, government activities, and political revolutions. The global crises in the recent past experienced in Russia, the Latin America and South East Asia have portrayed the need for strategic risk mitigation approach.

We have identified and structured approaches through which risks can be easily identified which include:

  • autonomous borrower default
  • exchange transfer controls
  • corporate default
  • expropriation
  • cancellation of licenses

Our company has been an authority in risk management and has handled a series of political risks. We are widely known for efficient and effective risk management approach and excellence in mitigating risks associated with emerging markets.




The international market environment always awes companies. This is largely due to the opportunities presented in this capacity. However, with these opportunities also lies a fair share of risks. International expansions have always been analyzed by most companies with a keen eye. This is why the need for a partner who is knowledgeable of these risk requirement in this international capacity comes in. In our experience, we know that making such expansion plans tend to be daunting and this why we always seek to be experts especially with providing the necessary information on how such companies should maneuver. We have accumulated experience, and a well-developed state of art communication to assist you to respond to the market needs much more appropriately.

Alongside to our international service is the wording service where we emphasize the need to understand the complexity of the words that are used in the specific cases. We understand that wording may affect the standard of service which is why we are always available to contribute and offer an opinion on the latest and the most up to date phrases. We have specialists in forensic wording analysis and reviews which offer custom services by benchmarking on the standards of the specific markets. Our wording specialists will offer you advise on how to develop your contracts or fashion the best practice for you.



Unified proposition for facultative business

Just as the name implies, our model is built to accommodate knowledge and the skills of our specialist all across all the geographic spheres. The facultative approach if one built to accommodate the fact that despite the company being able to adopt its own practices based on the needs of its clients, it can adopt an accommodative approach that facilitates differentiated interaction hence providing solutions to the insurance industry as a large. In doing this, the company adopts several measures, the most notable one being the adoption of leading market analytics which are obtained from the global facultative analytics. Adopting this practice has been a key dimension towards our success.

Enterprise Risk Analysis

Why do Enterprise Risk Management?                                        

Most companies whether they directly serve this industry or not begin by taking into account the level of risk that is involved in any dealing or undertaking. Enterprise risk management is an important topic since it addresses;

  • The systematic approach for identifying and understanding the threats that are likely to face organizations and in turn make decisions relating to best practice, governance, and planning.
  • The assigning of employees responsibilities in addressing risks and facilitating them with the right tools that lead to the consistent execution of the specific set plans and decisions
  • Systematic planning processes with the aim of measuring and mitigating risks and reducing the costs through lowering of any form of impact which may arise from unforeseen events.

As one of the functionality of an effective ERM, It is the loss management and financing of risk with the aim of creating value and aiding organizations to assess better and make the best of the market opportunities.



In regards to consultancy, our company has been structured to provide advice on determining which products need to be tailor-made to a company, the pricing tactics, anticipating regulatory issues, evaluating financing options, Implementations, evaluation of contractual issues, Accounting policies analysis, Business plan Development, Performing continuous scheme analysis, Information management, Connecting one to their suppliers, offering Captive participation, and commission levels. All of these are essential companies which are being required by all companies that are in the international or local capacity. 

Tender/ Product Management

In developing a product for your market with the aim of enhancing their revenue, one has to evaluate their objectives, offer reviews of the approaches being adopted and customize designs. Part of this whole process infers to

  • The identification of suppliers
  • Tendering
  • Evaluation of Tender submission
  • Establishment of contract negotiations both in relation to financial and marketing matters
  • Implementation of Schemes
  • Managing and development of products
  • Reviewing performance of the client
  • Handling of market research
  • Reporting of management information
  • Conducting market research

Claim Advocacy

Professional Claim Advocacy, Tactics and strategies to aid in the mitigation and reduction of the cost of your claim

Our claim management approach is designed in such a way that we adorn unique practices that challenge the conventional practice with the sole aim of reducing the cost of risk. We handle the different form of claims from simple and complex to catastrophic and large claim.

Our model of managing claims adopts a professional acumen that offers products that are customized to the different forms of organizations ranging from small to large. We understand that there may be specific needs that every organization needs to be addressed owing to the structure of their system, the level of exposure and the services they provide which largely dictate their claim needs. However, the general model encompasses

  • Workers' Compensation
  • General Liability
  • Auto Liability
  • Property
  • Environmental
  • Executive Risk
  • Aviation and
  • Marine

We have structured our model in such a way that we can offer a wide range of services with less regard on where these companies may be around the globe. Every customer with us can be attended in their unique way by our expert claim consultants.

Our model is also structured in such a way that we provide a comprehensive line of services which is solely focused on ensuring that the customers claim process is managed fast and diligently as and when they require them. This is why the scope of our services has been customized to accommodate the following